suzhou gounbot technology co., ltd. since september 2015 with the suzhou industrial park, vocational and technical college co-founded scholarships.

in order to encourage the students of suzhou industrial polytechnic institute to develop themselves in an all-round way, they will stimulate the enthusiasm of learning automation knowledge and innovation, and promote the culture of gounbot technology to further promote the cooperation between enterprises and enterprises. cooperation, attracting more outstanding graduates to gounbot, for the company's contribution to the development of intelligence. from 2015 onwards, a number of funds each year, in suzhou industrial technology institute set up scholarships, in recognition of and reward outstanding students.

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光宝科技主要以 研发,生产,销售工业机器人类自动化应用,以及周边自动化集成智能应用的高科技企业,我们专注于为企业提供制程智能化。

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