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companies to promote scientific and technological innovation, and huazhong university of science and technology at home and abroad and research institutions to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, and reached a number of projects. but also with the suzhou university, suzhou industrial park, vocational and technical college and other colleges and universities to reach a mode of cooperation, regular delivery of technical personnel to the enterprise.
over the years the company adhere to the "production, learning, research, with" a combination of road, market-oriented, technological innovation as the core, the project as the carrier, enterprises and schools, government win-win situation, greatly improving the enterprise scientific and technological innovation ability and achievement transformation ability.

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光宝科技主要以 研发,生产,销售工业机器人类自动化应用,以及周边自动化集成智能应用的高科技企业,我们专注于为企业提供制程智能化。

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