suzhou gounbot technology co.,ltd. since its inception, the spirit of "customer service," the principle of "high quality" has won the praise of our customers! is the development of a taiwan, suzhou, kunshan, dongguan four international of high-tech electronic equipment manufacturers. "real gold is not afraid of fire," in order to ensure that customers bear the "zero risk", we, as always, make the following commitments:

quality, such as one

to provide users with pre-sale, sale to the sale of the entire technical guidance services, and at any time uphold the concept of effective service to customers, to ensure that products and service quality solid as one.

timely and rapid

to facilitate the production needs of our customers, we reserve a large number of equipment and manpower to emergency needs of the production of urgently needed for customers to gain time. to achieve the timely and rapid service the whole process.

strength description

the company operates so far, now has taiwan, suzhou, kunshan, dongguan four service positions, at any time for cooperation with customers around the service; for timely and efficient service to provide human protection, our investment and strength is your assurance of confidence.

success experience

company dispenser and uv curing equipment global sales of the first! because we are the original, because we can give you more professional guidance and services.

here, really thank all our customers for their support, thanks to our colleagues for their efforts!

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光宝科技主要以 研发,生产,销售工业机器人类自动化应用,以及周边自动化集成智能应用的高科技企业,我们专注于为企业提供制程智能化。

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